Savannah, GA 31410

                FEATURE FILMS/SHORTS                      

Netflix Documentary
featuring The Grey Restaurant

Chef Pictures One – Savannah, GA
Abigail Fuller, Director
The Poison Rose  
Poison Rose, LLC - Savannah, GA
George Gallo, Director

The Yellow Wallpaper

David Cain Production – New York, NY
David Cain, Director

  Touching Bass
Harmony Image Productions – Philadelphia, PA
Nadine Patterson, Director

Pierpoline Films
Mitchell Lichtenstein, Director

  Just Another Story
Hart Sharp Entertainment – New York, NY
GQ, Director

  Immaculate Concoction
Freyha Films – New York, NY
Beth Lauren, Director

  A Tale of Two Pizzas
Hot Productions – Yonkers, NY
Vincent Sassone, Director

The Black Ninja
Little Prince Productions – Philadelphia, PA

Clayton Prince, Director

Eunuchs Alley
Shashwati Productions – Philadelphia, PA
Shashwati Talukdar, Director

  The Watermelon Woman

Dancing Girl Productions – Philadelphia, PA

Cheryl Dunye, Director

Condition Red

Oak Island Films/Beyond the Law, Inc. – Philadelphia, PA
Mika Kaurismäki, Director

 Two Plus One
240 Films, Inc. – Philadelphia, PA
Eugene Martin, Director

Arch Street Pictures – Philadelphia, PA
Robert Palumbo, Director

 Boulevard Café
Craig Austin Productions – Ocean City, NJ
Russ Weatherford, Director


Chef's Table - Documentary NETFLICKS
Chef One Pictures, Savannah, GA
Abigail Fuller, Director      

Snapple Tabernacle Choir – Commercial/Internet

Pseudo Programs, New York, NY

·       Showboat Casino – Commercial

Cornerstone Pictures, Inc., Haverford, PA

·       Infant Mortality – Commercial
Shooters, Cherry Hill, NJ

·       Oscar Delahoya Fight – Commercial
KYW Channel 3, Philadelphia, PA

·       ESPN – Commercial
Division 6, New York, NY
Glen Lazzaro, Director

·       African-American Champions – Commercial
KYW Channel 3, Philadelphia, PA

·       VH1 – Commercial
Division 6, New York, NY
Glen Lassaro, Director

·       Burger King – Commercial
BNJ Productions, Inc., New York, NY
Ernest Dickerson, Director

·       LL Cool J & Boyz II Men – Video
Big Dog Productions, Philadelphia, PA
Hype Williams, Director

·       Vibe “In – Video
Boyz II Men
Big Dog Productions, Philadelphia, PA            



UNION AFFILIATION          I.A.T.S.E. Local 798

       EDUCATION                   Airbrush Make-up Training, 2017
                                                    CHICSTUDIOS, School of Makeup, New York, NY
                                                    EFX Workshop, 2017
                                                    BxC ProWorkshop, New York, NY
                                                    EFX w/David Deneen, Instructor
                                                    Philadelphia University of Performing Arts, Phila., PA
                                                   Television, Print, EFX – Certificate
                                                    Bob Kelly, New York, NY
                                                    Emerson College, Boston. MA - Bachelor of Fine Arts